Turning water bottles into active wear...

It's becoming more and more common that we see garments made from recycled plastic bottles. But, are they hot and sweaty to wear and H O W are they actually made?


We are about to uncover the science and let you know some truths so you can make up your own mind.


Our leggings and bras are environmentally friendly, but they are also super soft, breathble and protective from UV rays . . . What more could you want out of your active wear?


Most active wear that you can you for sale is made from a form of polyester… which can also be turned into plastic items especially water B O T T L E S. If you see PET on a plastic something, it could have been thousands of other things.


Producing polyester, like most things involves a lot of time, water, chemicals, and energy (mostly from oil).


By using recycled plastics, we skip this. Recycling stops an untold amounts of plastics bottles, straws, lids, trays, wraps and anything else you can think of ending up in the O C E A N or being dumped into landfill… and saving around 70% of energy in the process.


Re-milling old PET to new saves 86% less water that Virgin-PET along with using around 70% less energy and producing 75% less Carbon Dioxide. As a rule of thumb, our leggings stop about S I X  2 litre bottles of water ending up in the ocean and preserving our natural resources for future generations.


But how does drinking a ‘Fiji’ Water turn into new leggings once you have finished with the bottle?


1.   The bottle is moved to a recycling centre where it undergoes ‘flotation’ where the lid, lable and bottle are all separated.


2.   The clear plastic is then washed, dried and crushed into small chips… The remains are melted down and reworked into yarns.


3.   With then ‘fluff’ the yarns through a special machine – it makes it feel like cotton on the skin.


4.   The yarn is then dyed to our pantones and worked into something fabulous that you can wear on or off the mat.


Question: Ok, that great – but what happens when I want to replace my active wear?


We only use the B E S T, because that is what we all deserve, right? As a result, our items will last a long time. So when you are done with your leggings or bra, pass them on to someone else who will love them and use as much as you . . .


Or take them to your nearest fabric recycling centre who will turn them into something just as good . . . garments made from recycled polyester can be recycled again and again . . .  and again.


We know the world isn’t perfect, nor are we . . .        Micro plastics are a real issue and something that is of course our concern. Micro plastics are small tiny particles that are too miniscule to be filtered by most washing machines, so get absorbed into the waste water when washing them.


The good news is that recycled PET produces less than half the amount of micro-plastics than Virgin-PET. But manufacturers and waste water companies are also on the case. Most modern washing machines come with an enhanced filter.


When it comes to active wear, polyester in fact has many advantageous qualities that cannot be replicated with natural fibres, such as durability, stretch and even UV protection. Choosing recycled options reduces the impact both the retailer and consumer has on the planet.


We can all do our bit, are you?




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