Forever in denim, or is it time to move to Yoga leggings?

For most millennials (and post for that matter), growing up was all about blue J E A N S.

Victoria Beckham’s iconic crown embossed pair . . . The butterfly flares we all owned aged 12, only to graduate to a faded black JONI Topshop pair. . . Let’s not forget the constant ‘do you know your jeans have holes in?!’ from anyone over a certain age or out of touch with fashion. Now for the fast-paced, jam-packed hectic lives we now all lead, are jeans still our wardrobe go-to?

Come on, we are amongst friends. I’m not shy to say we live in active wear or a bare minimum of yoga leggings. Most of us have said goodbye to ‘jeans and fancy top’. Now it’s all about the leggings and well, whatever. Dress them down with a hoodie. Dress them up with L U X jumpers, with on trend Stan Smiths (or Gucci Trainers if you’re feeling flush). And why not, they show off those hours spent doing HIIT . . . With their almost Spanx like high waist, it holds in that post double-avocado-eggs-florentine-with-a-side-of-hash-browns and a bottomless Bellini which has caused us to bloat post weekend brunch.

Whether it’s a Capri, Petite, 7/8, 3/4 us petite princesses no longer have to face the dreaded extra 5 inches of fabric shackling our ankles. Those taller Ladies out there are no longer suffering from ankle chill. Active wear leggings just provide more choice of fit, at a more affordable price than jeans ever did! Hands up Girls if you’ve ever paid a F O R T U N E for special length jeans . . . Let’s not even mention that dreaded jeans shop. The wiggling dressing room dance to squeeze on a new pair of jeans that hasn’t softened yet. It is an experience that we dread, something on par with bikini shopping.

We can all leave the horror of the 15th pair of slightly too tight of black jeans (which our partners are convinced all look the same) in the dressing room. Instead we can enjoy and appreciate the colour // pattern // mesh // ribbon backed delights of leggings, whether they are for Barre, Yoga or Gym.

Whether you opt for a monochrome mesh, a tropical palm patterned pair teasing of Caribbean holidays that we dream of, or a Summer Pastel yoga bum, there is a pair for everyone. While jeans are often restricted to blue or black in a shade of well, light or dark. The spectrum of acceptable prints and colours for active wear leggings is as far and wide as the queue for Farm Girl on a Saturday morning.

Life’s more fun in leggings. There’s more choice and it’s easier to express yourself and your uniqueness through with your choice of leggings. Feeling sassy? Gimme some mesh . . . Trying out a headstand? High waisted please . . . Got your positive pants on? Any pair of Skimmed Milk pastels will do, helping you spread some J O Y on your way to 7.30am spin class.

Friends cancelled on you last minute? Never mind, you’re already in leggings and ready to take on the world. On the school run? Run all the way home . . . Missed that gym class? Grab some street food and Instagram the latest food fads instead . . . whatever the day throws at you, leggings have got you covered.

While jeans were a faithful childhood sweetheart, we also made a lot of denim faux pas. Who could forget Britney and Justin’s 2001 denim fiasco?

Now as a little bit older and somewhat wiser, we are looking for a stronger, more stable relationship which leggings provide. They flatter your good bits, hide the wobbly-bits. Ladies, stop doing the ‘trying to squeeze into 5 year old jeans’ dance every morning and just embrace the fact that gym leggings, are the way to go.

Written by @liv_edwards_ for Skimmed Milk.

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