Our F A B review in Yoga International Magazine

We were lucky to get somewhat of a rave review in the publication, Yoga International Magazine.

This is a Dutch based publication so we have had to use a bit of Google Translate. Some of the wording is a little off, but you get the just…

“Steal the show with Skimmed Milk!

The very sweet colored set from Skimmed Milk is available in five different colors. One set consists of a sports bra and a legging, matchy matchy or you can mix it up. I got the honor to try out the Strawberry set and immediately fell in love with the color. When the carton milk package (yes for real!) arrived, I couldn’t wait any longer to take my new workout buddy with me to a class of Iyengar yoga.

“The sports bra fits perfectly due to the 4 way stretch technology. The soft pads are very comfortable and make sure your girlfriends aren’t flattened/pushed back. The legging hugs your body in all the right places. And very pleasant: the legging doesn’t press in your belly and slips off. From handstand to warrior and deep lunges, the legging stays in place all times.

“Due to the perfect fit and breathable fabric this set can even be worn during a sweaty circuit training. Or lazy on the couch, because why not. Conclusion: I’m a fan! The fabric, the colors, the fit - everything is so well thought through.”

skimmed milk.