We know being a Woman in an ever-changing world has its challenges.

Here at Skimmed Milk, we have worked hard to create a range of functional yet fun activewear, ideal for low resistance training, Yoga, Pilates and whatever life throws at you.

Our styles use the latest moisture-wicking fabrics along with an incorporated 4-way stretch. We've also not sewn in any uncomfortable labels. So no matter what you are doing, you will have free and unrestricted movement. You might even forget you've got something on.


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Founded in London, 2017.

Having spent the last decade living in London, trying most of the workouts and get fit trends, it became apparent that all we really needed (and wanted) was a few go to pieces that could go the distance, whatever the discipline. Skimmed Milk had the idea of putting together a capsule collection of Sports Bras and Leggings in fresh interchangeable colours, so no matter what was to hand when you're dashing out the door to class, it will always go together ensuring your style is on point.

Our aim is to provide premium fitness and athletics wear that can be used across many low-impact disciplines ranging from Yoga, through Pilates to Gym or Spinning and whatever the next trends that become part of our daily life.

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