Here at Skimmed Milk we know that in order to have a healthy body, we need to have a healthy mind – and that starts with our surroundings. We pride ourselves on our efforts to think about the environment and the impact we all have. To reduce our impact to a minimum, we take the following steps:



The materials that we use to make our products is one of the biggest ways for us to reduce our impact. We research the best fabrics for the job, but at the same time consider how green each material is. We work with natural bamboo, recycled materials and natural cork, as we understand a small change leads to a bigger change.


We work with factories that are committed to environmental sustainability. Our suppliers look at their water use and wastage, along with energy use. We only work with factories that do not produce hazardous waste. What is happening in our factories, affects local communities, which in turn affects us.




Our factories aren’t owned by us. We worked hard in partnering with factories that think like us. Employee health and safety really matters to our partners and us. Employees are treated fairly in a clean and safe working environment. We know that in order to have a quality product; we need a quality work force.


How our product gets from A to B before arriving at your door can create a large carbon footprint. We work with logistics partners who are (or are working towards being) carbon neutral. We ask you to reuse or recycle packaging materials to help reduce the carbon footprint of your purchase.